Sisterhood Thank yous

I want to thank all the participants who helped make this year’s hamantashen sale a success. Thank you to everyone who ordered and purchased our delicious homemade hamantashen. Thank you to the office staff, Joyce Bank and Denise Borisch, for taking orders. Thank you to Susan Lampert and Judy Spanier for their generous time in preparing and assembling these delicious pastries. Thank you to students, Ella Gurwicz and Ben Rosenberg for their help after the Megillah reading and Purim Spiel.

Thank you to Ruth Seidman for her recipe, which continues to delight everyone.Athank you goes to Francisco and Franklin for their help.

We hope to see you next year.

Roslyn Oberson

From Rabbi Krauss

From Rabbi Krauss

A burning question on the world stage is whether anti-Zionism is equivalent to anti-Semitism. How can we distinguish between legitimate criticism of the policies of the Israeli government and outright Jew-hatred. Just as reasonable citizens speak up regarding their countries actions and those of other countries, so Israel is not immune in that regard. Read More



After Pesach we move into a variety of special days in May and June! April 30 is Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. There’ll be a special community service at Shirat Hayam that evening. Please come and represent Beth El with significant numbers. Read More

Read the  “Megillah” May/June

Jewish Community Expresses Solidarity with Pittsburgh

Jewish Community Expresses Solidarity with Pittsburgh.We are pained and horrified by the horrible attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh last Shabbat. We mourn the 11 holy souls who were so senselessly taken from our midst, and pray to G-d to provide strength and comfort to their shocked and grieving families. We further pray for a complete and speedy healing of the injured, of the survivors, and of all of those around the country and the world who were traumatized by this atrocity. Read More

Friends helping friends @ Boscovs

Beth El Synagogue will once again be participating in Friends helping friends at Boscovs. For a $5.00 donation, which goes towards our Hebrew school and adult programming, the shopping pass is good for $25% off most items, including sale and clearance items. You will also be eligible for amazing door prizes. The date of the event is Tuesday, October 16. The passes can be bought at Beth El Synagogue office between 9 am & 5 pm Mondays thru Thursdays and 9 am until noon on Fridays. To contact the office, the number is 609-823-2725.