From Rabbi Krauss

The expression Abrahamic religions have become fashionable. Originally interfaith meant Christianity and Judaism. In recent years Islam has grown in our country. The terms Ramadan, Imam, Shiite have become familiar. Whereas, in the past the relationships between Judaism and Christianity revolved around the messiahship and diversity of Jesus of Nazareth. Because of the rise of Islam in the West, nuance of difference has crept in. While Islam is strictly monotheistic, the man from Nazareth is considered to be a prophet. In Judaism, because of the painful history of Jews in Christian lands, Jesus has an entirely different ring.

Historically, Jews generally fared better under the crescent than under the cross, while not always rosy. The Golden Age in Spain is frequently mentioned as a time when Jews and Muslims lived in very cordial terms. Today we have a mixed picture. In community after community in North America there are very good relations between Jews and Muslim. In London, U.K. a Muslim mayor has excellent relations with the Jewish Community. Elsewhere the situation is far less favorable. All too often anti-Zionism has become the mantra of anti-Semites.

It’s the old story, organized religion can serve as a true blessing to humanity or if abused can turn into something entirely different.