From Rabbi Krauss

Anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head in our world. Recent polls indicate that fully 96% of Europe’s Jews believe anti-Semitism is growing on their continent. In America, we were shocked by the Pittsburg Synagogue Massacre and the threatened on in Toledo prevented by the FBI. Today, Thursday, December 13th 2018 as these lines are written, three Jews were attacked in a Miami Dunkin Donuts. Seventy nine percent of Jews in 5 key European countries report that they avoid reporting anti-Semitic incident incidents believing that it would be a waste of time.

A recent CNN poll taken in Europe shows that more than a quarter of the population believe Jews have too much influence in business and finance. Twenty percent of those between 18 and 34 claim they have never heard of the Holocaust. Many more say Jews have too much influence in politics. Forty per cent of British Jews would seriously leave the country if Labov takes power and Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister.

Paradoxically, some right wing leaders have expressed support for Israel and the Jewish People. Sebastian Kurz, the 32 year old Chancellor of Austria, held a conference in Vienna dealing and combating antisemitism. Both he and Viktor Orbon of Hungary have visited Israel. Mateo Salvini, Deputy Foreign Minister of Italy declared in Israel that the EU is not properly supportive of Israel, of course, not all rightists hold those views.

Conversley Peru poll has shown that Jews are viewed favorably in our country.

When the tragedy in Pittsburg took place, the local Muslim community quickly raised more than $25,000 to help the Jewish community and family members of the victims.

In the end, it is the strength of the State of Israel that keeps from the situation which existed before World War II.