PURIM IS COMING! Come to our MEGILLAH READING WEDNESDAY MARCH 20 AT 7 PM. We will have graggers, hamantashen and our annual PURIM SHPIEL our famous BETH EL PURIM PLAYERS will present BEAT THE PRESS as the intermission of the Megillah reading in between the middle chapters.

Watch the Purim characters get grilled by some new members of the press. Loads of fun, and you’ll be doing Purim Mitzvot – hearing the Megilla Matanot LaEvyomin – gifts to the needy, and Mishloach Manot – exchanging Purim gifts. Our Purim basket project will be available at the end of the Megilla reading. Pesach starts on Erev Shabbat April 19 and goes through the end of Shabbat April 27.

This year when we recite Kiddush for the first Seder we include the Shabbat prayers. We double our joy for Pesach while enjoying Shabbat Menucha. This year make your Seder super special with singing and sharing. Remember when we eat Pesach foods we are reliving the transition from slavery to freedom. Try to find some special meaning on how that translates to today’s world. Chag Purim Sameach and Chag Sameach for Pesach!