L’Chaim Hebrew School

Learning to Live as a Jew

Whether you live at the shore year round or visit only on the weekends and summers, L’Chaim Hebrew School allows your child to work from home while still having an opportunity to explore in-person synagogue life with Shabbat celebrations. L’Chaim merges proven techniques with current online technology, including dedicated web site opportunities to strengthen skills after the lesson is over.

As part of Margate’s Beth El Synagogue, L’Chaim Hebrew School is focused on learning to live as a Jew. We incorporate Jewish thought, ethics and identity into a curriculum which includes Hebrew and prayer, as well as Torah, history, holidays, and Israel.

Not only will students learn Hebrew so that they will be able to read prayers and participate in services, but they will learn the main meanings and themes of the prayers. This helps to enhance their prayer experience and makes them better prepared to be a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Jewish history and major events are interwoven with Holiday tradition, customs and rituals throughout the year. Students will also have an option to connect to an Israeli contemporary.

For more information, please call 609-383-3655.