The consensus of the Saturday morning Zoom group is to NOT do this coming Shabbat morning in the sanctuary, but some are willing to have the service in the parking lot. We will give that a try at 930am. Service will be on the edge of the grass so there will still be parking in most of the lot. Masks will still be required. Many thanks to an anonymous donor from Chabad who has donated many boxes of masks for all the local shuls. Please bring your own if you can but we will provide for those who don’t. The service will be done before 11am and there will not be a Kiddush lunch, Kiddush will be recited at the service. If you are not coming the service will also be broadcast on zoom. You are welcome to come to the shul to check out a siddur and chumash so you can follow the service at home as we will be using our usual texts outside.
This week’s Jewish Connection discussion group will be at 8pm followed by Havdala and entertainment.
Email me if you have questions CRG cantoralph@gmail.com
Adult Education classes
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Adult Education classes

SUNDAYS – Jewish history and commentary with
Rabbi Krauss, after 9 a.m. minyan • 9:30-10:30 a.m.

MONDAYS – Weekly Torah portion with Cantor
Goren • 10-11 a.m.

For more info on other ongoing classes, call the Beth El office 609-823-2725.

*Pictured, Leo Lieberman stands with members that attended his class during the High Holidays.